Mixed analysis, qualitative-quantitative, of the basic contents of databases in Plans Study University Degree in Computer Science in the University of Extremadura

  • Juan Angel Contreras
  • Ricardo Luengo
  • Juan Arias
  • Luis Manuel Casas


This document serves to highlight the work done on the subject of the basic content of the materials database that can be part of the headlines, Degree in Computer Science at the Spanish universities, adapted to the EHEA1. In this paper we have used two methods of analysis; a first qualitative analysis using the software program called webQDA2, and other analysis methodology RAP3 using another software program called Goluca. From the qualitative analysis software webQDA has taken as input 22 documents containing the database contents that appear in the proceedings of verification studies of graduate in Computer Science in Spanish and foreign universities. Subsequently, once the relevant qualitative analysis performed, has been obtained in a proximity matrix of concepts. This matrix serves as input to Goluca4 program to conduct a thorough study, using RAP, the generated network and determine the basic or core concepts explained using existing theory of nuclear concepts.