Doing a literature review using content analysis - Research Networks Review

  • Isabel Pinho
  • Denise Leite


Research networks (RN) are social spaces in academia where knowledge processes happens, driven by collaboration and competition forces. Since RN is a complex phenomenon, new research is emerging in all fields of knowledge, its understanding needs a broad approach. This paper aims to examine pertinent and accessible literature to give a state of art of the so called research networks science. There is novelty in reviewing referential databases in which are included not only English written papers but also Portuguese and Spanish articles. Seven multidisciplinary databases were used for identifying relevant papers: Web of Knowledge; Scopus; Academic Search Complete; Proquest; Eric; Scielo; Redalyc and after a triage process of 1093 articles, 125 journals examined, 148 articles were selected for full analysis in three levels of aggregation, individual, institutional and system research. A framework was organized including the literature analysis, on micro (individual), meso (institutional) and macro (system) levels. From content analysis of selected articles some relevant themes emerge linked with topic. Integration of this information helps to build a conceptual model on Research Networks.