The use of the Web Qualitative Data Analysis (webQDA) software to maximize the potential of qualitative analysis Exploring Brazilian managers’ perceptions on gender equality in the tourism sector

  • Carlos Costa
  • Zélia Breda
  • Isabel Pinho
  • Fiona Bakas
  • Marília Durão


Although there is a gradual positive societal change, manifested in greater gender equality, the repercussion of gender role alterations in leadership positions is slow. The purpose of this paper is to present the innovative use of WebQDA qualitative software within a national tourism study. Exploring the practicalities of completing qualitative methodology as a team of researchers, we contribute to theory development. WebQDA software was useful in accelerating coding and analysis of data, captured from seven focus groups. Since the various stages of qualitative research were carried out by several researchers in the research group, this paper questions the implications of this for knowledge production. The systematization of information, required by WebQDA, helped overcome difficulties to synthesize the various interpretations. Thus it was possible to generate more ideas and less researcher bias.