Questioning in the Qualitative Research Process How ICT can support this process?

  • Francislê Neri Souza
  • Dayse Neri Souza
  • António Pedro Costa


To start scientific research, irrespective of the area of expertise, is important the drafting of one or more research questions or research problem. However, the idea of formulating one is always a challenge. Some do not know where to start and question whether the question is well formulated. This paper aims to clarify and reinforce the importance of formulating the research problem and/or question, where to get inspiration for its compilation, what are the steps to be followed for its refinement and what is its usefulness during the research process. We also intend to recommend the use of some software packages that assist the researcher, during questioning in other research phases, and thus maintain internal coherence throughout the research, as well as obtain an answer to the research question.