Usability and User Experience of the WEBMAT®Platform

  • Fábio Freitas
  • António Pedro Costa
  • Francislê Neri Souza


The current educational context patents new challenges and opportunities for educators and students. Among these are the Information and Communication Technology tools (ICTs), which bring new paradigms to educational dynamics, such as the Digital Educational Books (DEB). Accordingly, this study intends to obtain the user’s perception of its experience (UX) in a group of teachers using the WEBMAT® educational platform. The data collected is based on the exploitation of a high-fidelity prototype, making it possible to evaluate how the principles of Design Interaction, applied to the development of DEB, provide support in understanding and creating tasks on behalf of teachers. This study has provided data that is intended as a contribution towards improving the quality of these educational platforms as well as assisting educators in developing educational tasks.