Pragmatism and Constructivism in conducting research about university-enterprise collaboration in the Vietnamese context

  • Thi Tuyet Tran


This article discusses the choice of methodology I had when conducting research on the university-enterprise collaboration (UEC) to enhance graduate employability in the Vietnamese context. Being a constructivist, I strongly believe in the merit of focusing on specific contexts in which people live and work, in order to understand and undercover beliefs, values and motivations that underlie each individual behavior. Qualitative research methods are often the first methods coming into my mind when approaching a research study. Nonetheless, with this specific research, quantitative surveys which focused primarily on revealing UEC possible obstacles and solutions were used first, then the qualitative interviews were followed to explore in depth why those obstacles existed and how feasible were the solutions, this was also the goal of this study. The paper discusses how research transferability was enhanced by employing pragmatic approach in this study.