Sentiment analysis as a qualitative methodology to analyze social media: study case of tourism

  • Joan Gascón
  • Pedro Bernal
  • Elena Román
  • Mònica González
  • Gaspar Giménez
  • Óscar Aragón
  • Lluís Roé
  • Eva López
  • Josep Rodríguez
  • Carolina Morales
  • Javier Crespo


Social media are influencing the decision-making tourist on holiday destination choice. Comments in forums blog and websites, and social networks are a source of information increasingly taken into account by the end customer (active in the Word on Mouth) and by the tour company, aware of the relevance of that content. The growing information offered through online portals gives tourists the possibility to select their destinations from opinions. This article discusses the methodology of sentiment analysis and opinion mining, detecting keywords and linking message with a particular semantic field to find the key concepts of online comments made in Booking and TripAdvisor for tourists staying in hotels. We conclude that, thanks to the semantic fields, hotels have platforms for observing strengths and weaknesses.