• Francislê Neri de Souza
  • António Pedro Costa
  • Luis Paulo Reis
  • António Moreira
  • David Ribeiro Lamas


Qualitative and mixed research methods have been reaching important achievements throughout the academic world. However, there are still open challenges for multidisciplinary coherence, methodological focus, rigor and systematization towards the holistic integration and quality of research. The International Symposium on Qualitative Research (ISQR2016) aims at being an important international discussion forum that sheds light on these and many other challenges in the area. The 1st ISQR2016 took place from 12th to 13th July 2016, at the Lusófona University of Porto, Portugal. For the 1st ISQR2016 the submission of scientific articles was encouraged that focused on i) Qualitative Research in Health (emphasis on the processes of research in the fields of Medicine, Nursing, Geriatrics, Gerontology, Psychology, etc.); ii) Qualitative Research in Education (emphasis on the processes of research in various areas of Higher Education, Basic Education, Assessment, Curriculum, Teaching, Teaching of Sciences, Languages, History, Technology, etc.); iii) Qualitative Research in Social Science (emphasis on the processes of research in the fields of Communication, Linguistics, Sociology, Anthropology, Business Administration, Marketing, Management and Economics, Political Science, etc.): iv) Qualitative Research in Engineering and Technology (emphasis on the research processes in the areas of Computer Science, Information Systems, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering and Engineering Education). This was a way of fostering the scientific community identify itself with its foundational academic background in a more immediate manner, but afterwards, and attempting to experiment with a multidisciplinary effort, we elaborated a set of topics transversal to all these areas.