Reverse Logistics companies’ perspective: A qualitative analysis

  • Mélodine Gonçalves
  • Ângela Silva
  • Celina P. Leão


Reverse Logistics has been object of great interest essentially in the consumer’s culture change, in the competitiveness and in the increased environmental, and obviously due to its economic potential. In Portugal, Reverse Logistics is an unfamiliar word in the business world, specifically in SMEs. The present research focus to describe the Portuguese companies’ standpoint and knowledge based on two aspects: the concept and the return of products. To verify the different companies’ perspectives, semi structured interviews were applied in ten Portuguese Companies, of different size and in diverse industrial sectors. The qualitative data analysis was developed with the support of the webQDA software. The interviews analysis gave the opportunity to understand that large companies are aware of Reverse Logistics, in contrast to the SMEs’ scarce knowledge. Related to the Reverse Logistics strategies applied to the product returns, this research has showed that the reuse of the products or their sale to the scrap or recycling industries as the most common strategies, although some particularities depending on the type of industry.