Occupational Therapy’s Intervention on Mental Health: Perception of clients and Occupational Therapists about intervention priorities

  • Jaime Ribeiro
  • Pedro Bargão Rodrigues
  • Ana Marques
  • Andreia Firmino
  • Sandra Lavos


Literature points out that not always the intervention priorities considered by clients meet with those outlined by Occupational Therapists (OT). The intervention of OT in Mental Health aims to understand how occupations are amended in accordance with client expectations. The research here described seeks to understand the perception of clients and OT on intervention priorities, trying to determine whether there is compliance between the views. Within a qualitative approach was carried out a descriptive and exploratory case study with data triangulation from different sources. Software aided content analysis technique was used for the interpretation of data obtained through semi-structured interviews.  OT and clients have differing views regarding intervention and its priorities. While the OT prioritize habits and routines, especially related to the ADL and IADL, customers give special focus to problem solving. It was found that clients are not fully satisfied for not being allowed to work for individual goals.