Potentialities of Atlas.ti for Data Analysis in Qualitative Research in Nursing

  • Maria José Menezes Brito
  • Carolina da Silva Caram
  • Lívia Cozer Montenegro
  • Lilian Cristina Rezende
  • Heloiza Maria Siqueira Rennó
  • Flávia Regina Souza Ramos


ATLAS.ti is a program used to organize and manage qualitative research data. The present study aims at describing the application of ATLAS.ti in two instances, highlighting its potentialities and limitations for data analysis. This is a user experience of ATLAS.ti (Archivfuer Technik Lebensweltund Alltagssprache) for the analysis of qualitative data of a dissertation and a thesis in nursing. The software proved to be an efficient tool to organize, capture and analyse data; it provided the researchers with an overview of the findings during the analytical process and helped in the optimization of time. Its limitations relate to difficulties concerning characteristics of the data analysis method, the need for training and purchasing of the program. The authors concluded that ATLAS.it an important tool for data analysis in qualitative research.