“Dilemmas” of Early Career Researchers From “dilemmas” to problems

  • Isabel Alarcão


Researchers, namely early career ones who start using qualitative research, may face what they call “dilemmas”. These have different sources: uncertainties concerning the validity of their research and the reliability of the research tools they use; questions on how to review literature and systematize studies, some of them also qualitative, contextualized, and therefore, difficult to compare and aggregate; doubts about the best ways to collect, analyse data and interpret results; modes of interaction to share their research with readers; concerns about their role as researchers and their relationship with the study participants. The “dilemmas” underlying these issues converge towards the main question: what is reality? As a researcher, how do I perceive reality? In this chapter, I will try to argue that the “dilemmas” of early career researchers can be transformed into epistemological problems through reflection, in-depth study and then be solved. If “dilemmas” cannot be solved, problems can.