On the quality of qualitative research in nursing

  • Emiko Yoshikawa Egry
  • Rosa Fonseca


This addresses three issues: 1. what is the science that we create? Recognizing the non-neutralization of the science and knowledge, we will address the theme from a dialectical and historical materialist way of seeing the world. Investigation is a social practice and science is a phenomenon involving processes. 2. What is the quality of this perspective? The primordial characteristics of quality are considered along their relationship with the phenomena of nursing. Qualitative research is suited to phenomena that are complex and intense or profound, and is the only way of expressing the parts of a whole, in a dialectic movement, reconstructing reality. 3. What is required to ensure quality in qualitative research? Qualitative research depends on the application of theoretical-philosophical fundaments of the object of investigation. The rigor across the entire process and knowledge in the state of the art of the subject being studied are fundamental.