Potentialities of the Qualitative Analysis assisted by Computer: An Exploratory Study about Content Value Perception in TripAdvisor

  • Carolina Afonso
  • Rui Brites


This study explores the potentialities of the qualitative analysis assisted by computer. The study is exploratory and focus the perception of the functional value of the content created and shared by TripAdvisor users. Data were collected through online interviews. The study sample consists of 85 respondents. Through content analysis performed using MaxQDA, eleven categories were related to functional value. The most frequent category is "advice on restaurants, places to visit, etc.", followed by "real testimonials" and content on "value for money". Through Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) using SPSS, three strong associations among the categories are identified: "actual testimonies", "information about the destination" and "useful in choosing the destination"; between the categories "Advice on restaurants and places to visit" and "experiences in restaurants"; and an association between "Quality / Price" and "Hotel Information". The articulation between the two techniques proved adequate and allowed a rewarding analysis and interpretation of the data.