Qualitative Analysis of Reproduction Knowledge Through the Drawings Study with webQDA

  • Sara Arroba Calderón
  • José Villalobos
  • Lina Viviana Melo
  • Javier Cubero Juánez


Research on Health Education and Biology teaching contributes significantly to scientific literacy and health promotion. Thus, the reproduction function is one of the great topics to be considered. Because of that, a cross-sectional study has been designed to analyze the knowledge of Secondary students on this subject. The population under study has been made up of students from a school in Badajoz (Spain). The method used includes research techniques using a questionnaire and drawings of the reproductive system made by the students, which were analyzed using the webQDA program. In a first phase of the study, focused on qualitative methodology, the suitability of the software used is verified. Among the conclusions obtained, the difficulties of the students to locate anatomical structures are highlighted. It is proposed to design activities that will help students better understand anatomical-physiological relationships.