Work Process in Mental Health and Social Inclusion: Qualitative Analysis by ALCESTE software

  • Sônia Barros
  • Naiara Gajo Silva
  • Anaísa Cristina Pinto
  • Laís Mariana Da Fonseca
  • Jussara Carvalho Dos Santos


Qualitative research which analyzed the mental health work process in the Family Health Strategy, by “Analyse Lexicale para Contexte d'um Ensemble de Segments de Texte” (ALCESTE), considering as purpose the social inclusion of the person with mental disorder. To collect the data used Semi-structured interviews. The analyses were through the intermediary of ALCESTE, with subsequent content analysis. There were three empirical categories: Identification of the work object in mental health; Mental health actions and interventions; Social Inclusion as the purpose of the work process in mental health. We discussed the tension between the biomedical and psychosocial models, the incorporation of mental health in the Family Health Strategy, the need to integrate the health team in the planning of care and interventions for the social inclusion of the "crazy". The use of ALCESTE to aid in the analysis of the data gives coherence and trustworthiness to the research.