Use of a computational tool to support content analysis in qualitative research

  • Denilsen Carvalho Gomes
  • Carina Carvalho
  • Marcia Regina Cubas
  • Deborah Ribeiro Carvalho
  • Andreia Malucelli
  • Faruk Mustafa Zahra


The present article aims to discuss how the computational tool known as Poronto can help in the stage of material exploration, in qualitative investigations in the health area. Two studies in the Nursing area used Poronto for the identification of terms in analysis documents – one study is on a database of Terms of Nursing Jargon from a University Hospital in Southern Brazil, and the other is on the identification of terms in scientific articles and patient records from a University Hospital in Northeastern Brazil for nursing care for individuals with intestinal elimination stoma. When the identification of terms and the quantification of the frequency of occurrence are performed manually, in addition to becoming exhaustive, they are subject to failure. Poronto software facilitates the exploration of material in the content analysis, especially regarding the identification and quantification of categories, and in the identification of context units.