Reflexivity of the Process of Construction of a Grounded Theory: Reasons for the Consumption of Advertising in Social Networks

  • Raquel Ferreira
  • Rita Espanha


The present article deals with the experience of using "Grounded Theory" as a qualitative-interpretative approach applied to the research of the stimuli driving behaviors of exposure to advertising messages in digital social networks. Its adoption allowed for the discovery of regularities that served to identify the main categories of actions of the studied phenomenon. In its development, some adaptations were applied. Here, we discuss the choices made regarding our approach to the object being researched, the data gathering criteria, the procedure of data analysis and the writing of the theoretical proposition, which started with the organization of the substantive results. With such a description, we aim to collaborate not only with the improvement of the techniques recommended by the approach in question, but also with a reflexivity model of the investigation process itself.