Development and Implementation of Dashboards for Operational Monitoring Using Participatory Design in a Lean Context

  • Andreia Filipa Martins
  • Anabela Alves
  • Celina P. Leao


The need to increase employees’ productivity in a hypermarket online delivery services is the persuader of the present work. A costumer’ request, through the hypermarket website, initiates the process of collection and delivery of the ordered products. This process briefly comprises to gather the products from the shelves and to report the right indicators, at the right time, to store supervisors. To present the corresponding data and to follow this activity, quantitative dashboards were developed. These dashboards contained all the key indicators through graphs facilitating the reading and comparisons. Also, a dashboard in real time with the identification of employees without activity over a predetermined period of time and indicating the percentage of daily objectives already achieved, helping managers, was developed. All the actors, the project team, decision makers, designer, were involved in the design of the dashboards in a sharing process with the identification of aspects that should be reported or improved. At the end, dashboard enhances decision-making and has a positive impact in operational monitoring.