Understanding higher education teaching, learning and evalua-tion: a qualitative analysis supported by ATLAS.ti

  • Rosemary T. Nicacio
  • Raquel Barbosa


Teachers` education has been studied by Ferreira (2014), Gatti (2009, 2013), Alves (2011), Garcia (2010), Tardif (2010), Imbernón (2009), Patto (2004), and others, who discuss it on Basic Education level. We investigate how university professors who teach future teachers understand teaching foundations, which is a great field for studying in Brazil. This research is conducted based on AVENA Project in two Brazilian universities. Our main objective is to analyze possible patterns on understanding teaching, learning and evaluation in teacher`s training courses. We also analyzed students understanding in the same courses. In this article, we present a methodological path chosen, because of the great amount of the collected data we used ATLAS.ti software, which we chose because of the possibilities of organization for qualitative analysis.